Romance in my Chemical Romance part 1

"Come on, Gerard! Give me back my cell phone!" I laughed, trying to wrestle my way into obtaining my phone. Gerard just kept moving around switching the cell phone from hand to hand so that I could not grip it.

"Why? You wanna call this Drake character? Psh… his music is garbage!" He jokes. Gerard just says stuff like that, because of his jealousy. 

"Gerard! His music is not garbage! I’m not calling him, jeez, paranoid, much?" I ask, grabbing my phone from him and quickly putting it in my bra knowing he respects women to much to even go there. 

"I know, but we have an interview we have to get ready for, loser. So get up, Lynn." He laughs as he helps me up from the floor. I smile and place my hand in his as he pulls me up and quickly wraps his arms around me, pulling me into an embrace. I smile and wrap my arms around his neck and we just enjoy our little embrace for a long moment, until Frank walks in and clears his throat, awkwardly.

"Is something wrong?" I ask him, looking at him annoyed. The truth was, me and Frank weren’t exactly best friends. I mean, we got along, but he was Gerard’s best friend, and he’s bi, so everyone thinks that he has a thing for Gerard, including me. 

"No, nothing. Just letting you guys know it’s time for the interview." He says, annoyed.

I smile and Gerard takes my hand walking onto the set where Mikey and Ray are already settled and laughing with the young, big breasted interviewer. She’s dressed like a s-l-u-t and has enough makeup on for her run at the corner tonight. But not for a second did Gerard let my hand go. It seemed as if he was holding on, for a reason, but I couldn’t exactly tell.

We weren’t an item. He was just mainly the best friend figure in my life. Best friend…with, benefits anyway. We’ve kissed, but only a friendly kiss on the lips on new years, or kisses on the forehead. Hugs all the time, and hand holding occasionally. He’s very protective of me, since I’ve only been in the band for a year and a half.

My Chemical Romance. MCR for short. I met Gerard in Art school, and we were instant friends. We had the same interests, and majored in the same thing, so all of our classes were together. But once I moved and joined the band, we broke up and me and Gerard became…something. We just weren’t official. 

One thing you guys don’t know about him, is that he isn’t a fan of labels. Girlfriend and Boyfriend don’t exactly fit him. He’s a very enchanting. interesting person.

"Let’s sit here." Gerard whispered in my ear, lightly ruffling through my hair. I smiled and nodded, sitting next to him.

Frank ran in and quickly took a sit next to Mikey, and the interview started. It was my fourth interview, and this time I actually would get to speak. 

"We’re here with the members of My Chemical Romance. Gerard, Frank, Ray, Mikey, and Lynn - the newest member of the band, and we’re going to get the scoop on everything right here in our studio." The interviewer smiled at the camera, winking in a flirtatious way. Ray seemed to be fascinated by her every move, as if she was a precious new born baby cub to it’s mother.

I smiled as the camera was zooming in on my face, I waved and put my hand down realizing how lame that really was. I heard a chuckle escape from Gerard’s lips, and I blushed.

"So, any new songs, guys?" The interviewer asked.

"Yeah, we’ve actually been working on this crazy new album that’s coming out next month." Ray said.

"It’s all about relationships and how much pain they cause someone. No matter if it’s a romantic relationship, or even just a friendship, or we even have a song about Lynn and her fathers relationship." Gerard said, looking over at me as he finished his sentence.

"Lynn, can you elaborate on that?" The interviewer asked me.

My heart began beating, but I felt Gerard rub my back, and I took a deep breath.

"Uh, my father passed away a few months ago, and I went into this depression. Then I remembered everything about him, his scent, his sense of humor, and his ability to make me laugh when all I wanted to do was cry. And I put it into a song. It’s a different genre of music for My Chemical Romance, but it’s the only song on the album like it, so we haven’t exactly changed. Gerard and Ray just thought this song was ‘beautiful’ as they put it, and wanted me to put it on the album to acknowledge my father." I smiled.

"That’s so beautiful. I think a lot of people agree on that. So, we have a few questions that our online users sent in and wanted to ask you guys." She says, changing the subject quickly.

That’s something I had to get use to. Nobody cares about you in Hollywood, unless they know you personally.

"Yeah, bring them on!" Mikey laughed. I giggled with him.

"Okay, the first one is for Frank." The interviewer smiled.

"Yes?" Frank asks, opening his eyes.

"What shampoo do you use? Your hair looks so soft!" She laughed.

"Um, it comes in a green bottle." He laughs.

"Okay. Next one is for Ray, when did you get your first guitar?" she asks.

"Um, I got it for Christmas when I was four I believe." He says.

"Nice…and Mikey, what’s it like being the little brother of Gerard Way?" She asks.

"It’s normal. Big brother, little brother relationship. He’s overprotective and gives me advice…it’s just regular." He says.

Gerard laughs and smiles at his little brother.

"That’s so sweet. Now just one more question. It’s pretty big, but almost all of our questions were the same, and it was this question. Is there any romance, in My Chemical Romance between you, Gerard, and you, Lynn?" She asks.

I was so shocked. I just was speechless. But I looked over at Gerard who was looking at me and I felt the bright light shining on our faces and we both turned red from our awkward moment. But the truth was, I was oddly attracted to Gerard. 

Now, I had to face what Gerard was going to say, because I just couldn’t open my mouth.